My name is Shana owner and founder of The Shana Cole Collection, Pro MUA and Image Consultant. I started  #LIPPIESBYSHANA because of overloaded requests at my makeup store for various lip colors. I launched #LIPPIESBYSHANA in March, 2014 and it boomed. Later that year I decided to add face products because of requests from the dolls who loved my lip products, which I named #FACEBYSHANA and that was also a hit. 4+ years later November 2018 I decided to put both names under one umbrella and named my line The Shana Cole Collection. I now have an entire line of makeup items which are all CRUELTY FREE. I am always adding necessities to a woman's makeup bag. Still building, learning and growing. Thanks to everyone who supports me, I promise to continue giving only quality products. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do.